Iconic Design & Amazing Stovetop-Expresso-Maker

The Bialetti-Moka-Express provides true Italian style coffee, economically, and in a stovetop-expresso-maker. This one is labeled as an espresso maker, but in Italy this is referred to as a moka maker, or moka-express.

It works similar to the old percolator pots, but it doesn't percolate. The water is placed into the bottom along with the filter of coffee. Once the water heats it is forced into the top reservoir for you to pour and enjoy.

Bialetti 6800 Moka Express 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker

Product Features

  • Stovetop brewer
  • 12 oz capacity (six 2-ounce cups)
  • Polished aluminum construction
  • Wash by hand (do not use soap)
  • Made in Italy

Martha Stewart Demos The Bialetti-Moka-Express
Got Milk?

Getting used to making coffee in one of these types of makers may take some getting used to it, but all the customer reviews rave that this is the way to go. You'll never want coffee any other way. After all, can 434 FIVE STAR reviews be wrong?

Best Price on the Bialetti Moka Express

In doing our research for this article, we picked up a few tips that you need to be aware of before purchasing. The product description says to clean with warm, soapy water. Owners of this product state you should never wash it. Rinse and dry it out, but never use soap in it.

One customer even gives detailed instructions for "seasoning" your pot which you can read right here.

Customers also warn again tamping the grounds or overheating the unit.

What Owners Are Saying About The Bialetti-Moka-Express

  • Here's what customers had to say about this product overall:
  • I absolutely LOVE this little pot. I've used a variety of brands of espresso in it, and they have all brewed perfectly in this pot. I have found that brewing it at just below "medium" heat has worked the best.
  • If you enjoy taking your time making your coffee, this is a beautiful unit that creates great coffee (and apparently it gets better over time, as the coffee oils seep into the aluminum).
  • We love expresso. We make it every single day. There is a reason why the Bialetti has been used in millions of Italian homes for decades! It is, quite simply, the absolute best in its price range.
  • I owned one of these when I lived in Italy nearly twenty years ago (you'll find one in every Italian kitchen). They make better espresso and cappucino than the $300.00 machines.

Be sure to read the customer reviews on this product. There are a lot of great tips included from their personal experience that will give you many years of great use if you know what to expect from this type of pot.

Something you may want to consider when you get this serious about coffee is grinding your own beans. You only grind as much as you need and a finer grind will produce a better tasting coffee, so there's no waste.

The one we looked at and would highly recommend is the Delfino Intelligent grinder.

Delfino Intelligent Coffee & Spice Grinder
Delfino Intelligent Grinder

Also, if you will be wanting lattes or cappucinos you may want to invest in a frother. We found this small, battery-operated model to be perfect for the job.

The Aeorlatte has  a 18/8 stainless-steel whisk, powered by 2 installed AA batteries

  • Frother produces foam in 15-20 seconds for hot or cold milk; circular, chrome stand grips frother for easy access and security
  • To clean, operate the frother in hot, soapy water and rinse
  • The frother measures 8-3/4 inches long; Aerolatte offers a 5-year guarantee for defective parts or workmanship
  • Aerolatte Deluxe Edition Milk Frother with Stand, Stainless Steel


    If you're ready for the perfect cup of true Italian style coffee, grab the Bialetti 6800 Moka-Express. You'll never look at regular coffee the same way again.

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