2012 Sherwin-Williams-Colors

Our colors-of-paint article* was developed incorporating the latest 2012 Sherwin-Williams-Colors. Written by one of the home building industry's top interior merchandisers, Kathy Browning, it's full of COLOR EXCITEMENT for giving your own home a fresh new look in 2012.

An interior merchandiser is a professional in the home building industry that works with builders to determine the latest interior design trends and colors, and incorporate them into the model homes and sales center you visit when you are searching for a new home. Kathy is definately on top of her game as you'll see in her work with Napolitano Homes when she chose their colors-of-paint from the new Sherwin-Williams collections.

If you are looking to be inspired for colors-of-paint for your own home improvements, you'll find the latest paint colors and lots of helpful color coordination ideas for sprucing up the place you call home. Be creative and let COLOR EXCITEMENT 2012 get you EXCITED!

WARNING: This is not Aunt Vera's "Let's paint the hallway 'Seafoam Green' ", so, buckle up and let's get started on YOUR new Sherwin-Williams-Colors for all of your paint color palettes.

by Kathy Browning

What excites prospective buyers? What can jump-start a lagging project or add longevity to one that is on the boards? Color.

The appropriate color selection can make or break a product, whether a can of soup (e.g., Campbell’s red and white identity), or a color palette in a model home.

Color evokes emotion. It creates balance and tranquility. It gives a punch to a tired product. Let’s peek into the color box and see what is in store for color 2012.

If you ask interior merchandisers what question they are asked the most, they will probably answer, “What are the newest color trends?” Color is on the consumer’s mind, whether it is fashion, automobiles, home furnishings, or an iPad case. Color selection, as defined in the book, Different, by Youngme Moon, is one of the most important elements of product marketing.

This year the industry received an extra bonus when color specialists released two color programs. Midyear the HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams color palettes debuted through a national PR campaign. Additionally in the fall, Sherwin-Williams introduced ColorMix 2012. We will take a look at the two color programs to see how they will welcome color in 2012.

HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams features eight color schemes. The schemes, each composed of 20 of the most popular Sherwin-Williams paint colors, make it easy for consumers to create their own looks. As stated in the brochure, “Every color in this palette works beautifully together, so just pick the ones that move you most—as many or as few as you like.”

Sherwin Williams Daredevil Paint In A Bedroo

Consumers can take full reign of their color selections and with design guidance to create beautiful room-to-room color transitions throughout the home. Livable Luxe is one of the palettes featured in HGTV HOME colors groupings.

When discussing the palette with Jackie Jordan, director of marketing, The Sherwin-Williams Company, Jordan shared that Livable Luxe almost did not make the cut. Jordan fought to keep the combination in the offerings. Other Sherwin-Williams color panelists believed the scheme might be too predictable.

Jackie felt it would be well received and she was correct. Livable Luxe has attracted attention to the HGTV Home display at local Sherwin-Williams dealers. The Livable Luxe palette was used for a recent student-mentor design competition for the 2011 charity house featured at the Tidewater Builders Association’s Fall Home-a-rama.

The students from a local community college and design institute were asked to create one room using basic design criteria. Included in the criteria were the 20 paint colors in the Livable Luxe palette. The students were instructed to use six to eight of the colors in some form within their room.

The winning design, a teen den, included walls in burlap, with white duck trim and mink built-in cabinets. As their “wow factor,” the winning team selected a Candice Olson - designed wall covering from York Wallcoverings covering that included burlap, tricorn black and white duck.

Throw pillows have pops of bamboo shoot and expressive plum. Elsewhere in the house, which benefited the scholarship foundation, are black fox trim, beams, and paneling, expressive plum accent walls, and shelves.

Bamboo Shoot Sherwin Williams Paint In A Kitchen

A combination of Sherwin-Williams-colors of Barcelona beige, camelback, black fox and special gray were created in the custom-designed hand-painted wall covering from Vahallan Wallcoverings.

The ceilings were painted Barcelona beige, a couple of shades lighter than the camelback walls, one of the tips found in the HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams’s brochure.

HGTV HOME color groupings are examples of color transitions. Some of the colors add tranquility as in the subtle colors of silvermist, gateway gray and wool skein. Another group adds drama with the bold colors of bamboo shoot, expressive plum, and tricorn black.

Dovetail, Barcelona beige, and burlap add balance. The schemes supply the perfect combinations to transform homes.

Adding updated colors is a great way to assist in marketing ready-to-move-in homes. Recently Napolitano Homes, Virginia Beach, VA selected colors from the HGTV HOME neutral nuance and traditional twist color palettes as accent colors for move-in- ready homes.

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Be sure to check out the Great Ideas Bazaar and the Color Inspriration Gallery below . . . just some more great color inspriration for all of your home improvement ideas.

"Okay I've Got My Colors Down,
but I may need some
help getting the job done"

Interior Merchandiser Kathy Browning in Colors-Of-Paint

Author: Kathy Browning, MIRM, CMP, CGP, is owner of Design Consultants, a 30-year old business working exclusively with builders in model home merchandising. Her credits include over 1,000 merchandised homes and winning numerous awards for Best Interior Merchandising.

She is an active member of Tidewater Association and Builders Association and has served as Homearama Interior Designer. Browning served as a trustee for the National Sales and Marketing Council and was co-chair of the 2010 Best in America Living Awards 2010. Reach her at 757-422-3876 or

*Reprinted with permission from "COLOR EXCITEMENT 2012" by Kathy Browning, 2012, Sales + Marketing Ideas, pages 22-27, Copyright 2012 by National Sales and Marketing Council of The National Association of Home Builders.

Great Ideas Bazaar

When selecting your colors-of-paint, they need to be an absolute reflection of your personality and your lifestyle. To that end, we've assembled a few choice & colorful resources for your consideration.

Brought to you by Colors-Of-Paint, The Home Painting Manual; A Complete Handbook On Home Painting And Decorating, Full Information About Paints And Varnishes And Their Application

Take a cruise throught some of these great ideas for even more color inspiration. We continue to update this section frequently, so, bookmark this page now, and be sure to check back with us often.

Inspiration Gallery

Just in case you need a little JUMP START on the Envision-IT side of things, just peruse our INSPIRATION GALLERY below, and you'll get a fresh new look at how the colors-of-paint can transform YOUR HOME

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Popular Bedroom Paint Colors by Sherwin Williams collected, this bedroom scene sets the tone for a realaxing evening in your own abobe.

Colors-Of-Paint Inspiration II:

Kids Bedroom Paint colors by Sherwin Williams

Remember your first Crayola box of crayons as a kid and how exciting it was? Kids LOVE COLOR too, so set off their space with some great new colors to show off their favorite things.

Colors-Of-Paint Inspiration III:

Living Room Paint Colors by Sherwin Williams for 2012

This living room sports a fresh coat of paint in a cool color palette. Inviting and minimalist, all it needs is YOU with a glass of wine.

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