The Basic Rules of Interior Design

When designing-a-room, all interior designers and decorators will tell you that there are some key strategies to employ in order to create a successful interior design scheme. With the rise in popularity of interior decorating as a hobby, there are now more and more people turning their efforts to designing their homes themselves and even branching out to advise friends and neighbors.

The internet means that we can all access great information about how to do it, what to buy and which colors are ‘in’ this season.

Websites also enable us to share images of our efforts and to ask our peers for ideas when we get stuck.

It is however, all too easy for things to go a bit wrong so before you start on any interior design projects of your own, give these basic rules a bit of thought.

Kitchen with light toned floor and dark cabinets

Designing-A-Room Rule #1

Work with what you’ve got. Make a room-by-room-furniture list before you start buying must-have new bedside cabinets; it may be that you just don’t need them. Think about the style of your home too: it is ideal to stick with what will work naturally, so, for example it is usually preferable to enhance the period features in an old property by incorporating this into the overall design of the finished room.

well decorated and balanced reading room

Designing-A-Room Rule #2

Think about the layout of your home. Before you get started make sure you are clear on which room is best suited to each purpose that you need. Don’t commission made to fit bespoke furniture-for-dining-room only to decide later that you actually want to use a different space as the dining room and it won’t fit. Nightmare!

Interior-Design Rule #3:

Set your budget carefully before you begin. It is amazing how quickly the cost of new furniture such as dining-room-tables can add up, where cans of paint and bedside tables cost relatively little. Take into account all the elements and don’t end up spent up and only half finished. The most expensive rooms if you re-fit from scratch are likely to be bathrooms and kitchens so keep that in mind if it applies to you.

dining room with dark flooring and furniture

Designing A Room Rule #4:

Take proportion and scale into account. When decorating-a-room it is vital to ensure that all the pieces of furniture you include are appropriate for the dimensions of the space. Get this right and you are on your way to success: remember, a dining room table that seats 20 will not fit in the dining room of the average semi-detached house!

well balanced dining room design

Designing-A-Room Rule #5:

Balance and symmetry should be the next thing on your list. Easy to create with matching dining-room-sets it is not always as simple in other rooms such as the kitchen. Here, instead of mirroring matching pieces aim to create a look which smoothly draws your eye around the room.

Interior-Design Rule #6:

Colors, contrasts and textures. To add interest to every interior design scheme it is vital to use a cohesive palette of colors. This might include plain and patterned finishes and a variety of materials depending on the overall design such as wood, fabric, metal and ceramic. If in doubt don’t be afraid to copy the colors in a scheme which you admire!

form and function working together in a well balanced dining space

Designing-A-Room Rule #7:

Finally, your interior design plans need to make sure that the finished result is fit for purpose. Has the living room got enough seats for everyone to be comfortable? Is there enough worktop space in the kitchen? And can you fit all your clothes into the wardrobes?! Make sure you get these details right to ensure you create a perfect home for both looks and purpose.

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