DIG Irrigation GE200
Complete Drip and Micro Sprayer Kit

Nothing beats having a do-it-yourself-irrigation-system system in place when it comes time to water your lawn or landscaping. If you have your watering set up on a timer with a general sprinkler system, it may be missing some areas of your landscaping that need a little extra moisture. A drip watering system can be concealed under your hedge bushes or in flower beds that require more water than others.

A drip system allows for more direct channeling of water than a sprinkler that passes by, not to mention by using a drip system you avoid much of the run-off with other watering systems.

Product Features of this Do-It-Yourself-Irrigation-System:

  • Covers up to 700 square feet
  • Easy installation
  • Components are easily configurable to meet almost any setup

Set-up Tip: Be sure to map out the area you want to use drip watering. Having a plan on paper will make it much easier when you get ready to install the system.

Who is the DIG Irrigation GE200 Complete Drip and Micro Sprayer Kit Suitable For?

This drip watering system kit is the perfect choice for people who need to do some slow watering in certain sections of their yard each day or every few days. If you have shrubs or flower beds that thrive on a good soaking instead of being pounded by a sprinkler system, this kit will help you accomplish that.

DIG Irrigation GE200 Complete Drip and Micro Sprayer Kit

It can be set up on a timer with the rest of your system or on its own stand-alone timer system. The choice is yours.

What Customers Are Saying About This Do-It-Yourself-Irrigation-System

  • This is a cool do-it-yourself-irrigation-system with a reasonable price point.
  • It comes with a thick manual that makes installation appear complex, but all you need is the directions on the box ... very simple to install and works amazingly well. I didn't need a single goof-plug.
  • This is one of those things that is going to make my life much easier. No more dragging out the hoses and getting soaked from the oscillating sprinklers when I have to move them. I was a little concerned that installing this might be too much work for me, but it was so easy to do.
  • For the price, this is an awesome product. Installation is simple and the micro sprayers work great. My only issue would be the 360 degree sprayers are not adjustable.
  • I'd never installed a do-it-yourself-irrigation-system like this before and it was surprisingly easy to design and install. The only part of the set-up that requires a bit of effort is inserting the fittings into the 1/4 inch tubing.

If you're tired of trying to set a sprinkler at just the right angle or dragging out those soaker hoses all the time, the DIG Irrigation GE200 Complete Drip and Micro Sprayer Kit will help save you a lot of time and frustration. The most time consuming part will be setting it up, but if you have a plan to work from this should be a pretty quick and simple task.

DIG Irrigation GE200 Complete Drip and Micro Sprayer Kit

Stop fussing and spending your valuable time trying to water your shrubs and flower beds. Install a drip system. You have more important things to do; like sitting on the deck enjoying your yard.

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