A 75ft Garden and Greenhouse
Landscaping Irrigation Plant
Watering Drip Hose

Sprinkler System Kit


Do you have a patio or greenhouse that needs a drip-system-irrigation method of watering on a regular basis? Do you find it a tedious chore to break out the water hose or set a sprinkler up and end up getting more water on the patio or greenhouse floor than you do in your plants? This plant watering drip system may be just the thing you need.

You can make adjustments to accommodate pots, hanging baskets, or trough type pots.

This Drip-System-Irrigation Kit Includes:

  • 10- 1/2" drippers
  • 1-Compensating flow control
  • 75 feet of 1/4" vinyl tubing
  • 1- 3/4" pipe thread tubing adapter
  • 3/4" filter washer

This irrigation package is easy to use, efficient and a super economical way to water your plants in small areas. No more dragging out the big water hose or trying to get your lawn sprinkler set just right. Set this system up once and you can use it for many years.

What Customers Are Saying About Their Drip System Irrigation

  • I had two hanging baskets to water. so I bought this drip-system-irrigation kit and it was perfect.
  • All the parts and peices were there. the shipper was quick. and it was very easy to put together.

  • Very happy with the product.
  • It came with everything it was supposed to, was simple to set up, and will probably pay for itself within a few months. Though the last may only apply in the Western US or other areas of water scarcity and high costs of living.

75ft Garden and Greenhouse Landscaping Irrigation Plant Watering Drip Hose Sprinkler System Kit

Who is the Garden and Greenhouse Landscaping Irrigation Plant Watering Drip Hose Sprinkler System Suitable For?

This drip system irrigation kit is perfect for the home owner who needs to water their patio or greenhouse separately from the big lawn watering system. If you need something that is a snap to set up and will save you a ton of time from watering each week, this is an ideal system.

It's also very economical because you can ensure the water goes into your potted plants instead of all over the patio like a sprinkler system causes.

This irrigation package comes complete with everything you need to set up a watering system on your patio or in your greenhouse.

You can also install a flow meter for your garden so you can monitor water usage and make adjustments as needed.

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