BK-80D 80-Watt
Electronic Insect Killer


The Flowtron-Bug-Zapper: With summer fun in full swing, that also means the onslaught of irritating flying pests. Not only will you and your family be out to play, but mosquitoes and biting flies will be out looking for a quick meal, and that meal is you.

You can help combat these pests and make your backyard a safer place from flying insects and protect your family from the deadly West Nile Virus.

The Flowtron BK-80D 80-Watt Electronic Insect Killer is a great bargain. Its coverage area is 1-1/2 acres.

This may seem like a lot, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

This model comes highly recommended even if you live on half an acre.This is especially true if you live in the south where insects are rumored to carry off small animals.

80-Watt Electronic Insect Killer, The Flowtron-Bug-Zapper

Features & Details:

  • Size: 11" X 11" X 18 1/2"
  • Electric: Plugs into a standard outlet
  • Ease of use and maintenance: Non-clogging grid & easy bulb replacement
  • Bulb: High intensity black light
  • Ruggedness: Weatherproofed from sun fade and cracking

Other features: Has a repellent scent cartridge to help attract insects to the device and away from you.


  • Pets may be sensitive to the zapping sound.
  • Can be difficult to clean. A good air compressor is recommended. Although it is pretty much self-cleaning, you will need to blow it out from time to time.
  • Singed odor from large insects.


  • Can be fun to watch, especially if you hate mosquitoes and think they are getting what they deserve.
  • Covers a large area.
  • Economical.
  • No harsh chemicals.
Flowtron BK-80D 80-Watt Electronic Insect Killer, 1-1/2 Acre Coverage

Important tip when using the Flowtron-Bug-Zapper:

Do not put next to your entrance unless you want bugs entering your home every time you open the door. These types of products work best if they are several yards away from your patio area. This is to keep dead bugs from falling on anyone and to keep them away from you. Also, if you don’t want to sweep dead bugs off your patio each morning, you may want to mount it off to the side so the bug parts will fall into the grass or a flower bed. Don’t worry; it can actually add some extra nutrition to your plants.

What we liked about the Flowtron-Bug-Zapper:

The 80-watt Flowtron covers an area up to one and a half acres and has received rave reviews from property owners, even those with large yards.

This unit may seem pricey, but compare the price to what you’d spend in several years on other methods. Some owners have reported having their units for over 5 years and only replaced the bulbs once. This is truly a great bargain in the long run.

Concerns you may have about the Flowtron-Bug-Zapper:

Electric bug zappers often annoy or frighten dogs and cats. It may take them some time to get used to this. You may want to set it several feet away from your patio, especially if your pets like to hang out on the patio.

You will have to deal with dead bug body parts if you hang it over your patio or sidewalk. It’s best to hang it over a grassy area to save yourself some time from daily bug clean up.

You may need a small air compressor or a leaf blower to keep it blown out every few weeks. This keeps the unit in top working order so it can do its job more efficiently.

If you are located outside of the US, please use the Amazon or e-bay search boxes to the right. Your search will be GEO-TARGETED and you will arrive at your local versions of these sites where you can make your purchase.


Other Important Information about the Flowtron-Bug-Zapper:

Flowtron BK-80D 80-Watt Electronic Insect Killer, 1-1/2 Acre Coverage

You will need an extension cord. The cord on the unit is only 6 inches long. You will also need a pole to hang it on or some type of plant hanger mounted to a tree. It is recommended that it isn’t hanging close to walls as this seems to reduce its effectiveness, but only slightly.

It puts off enough light to make a nice, illuminating outdoor night light.

It’s suggested that you use the unit about 25 feet away from your home or patio area. Again, this is to keep the bugs at that distance so you can relax on your patio and not be bothered with pests.

You may want to purchase an outdoor timer outlet if you only want to run the Flowtron during certain hours of the evening and night. However, if you live in the south, you know that mosquitoes can be out during the day depending on the weather conditions.

What customers are saying about the Flowtron-Bug-Zapper:

  • I bought this item a week ago, installed it some 50 ft from my deck, and was amazed by the action. As soon as I plugged it in, it started zapping- MOSQUITOS-- I haven't even put the Octenol attractant in there yet.
  • I have owned the 80 watt Bug Killer for over 5 yrs. and have been completely satisfied with it's performance. I have 4 acres with about 1 1/2 acre as yard with the house.
  • There are more mosquitos being eliminated by this in one hour than my Mosquito Magnets did in three months without the hassle of propane cans and unreliable working parts that didn't function after a few months.
  • Seems to kill any bugs attracted to it very quickly and without clogging.

Flowtron-Bug-Zapper Video Review

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