The Best Halloween-Yard
Put Those Outdoor-Halloween-Decorations To Work

To create the best Halloween-yard, many people like to go all out and decorate their homes as well as dressing up for the occasion.

There are many types of home decor items to choose from and this review will take a look at a few of them. We will cover various Halloween decor items that are suitable for use outside.

Outdoor Halloween- Yard Decorations

Using lights outside is probably one of the easiest ways to decorate your home quickly.

The Impact Innovations

Lighted Ghost Silhouette is a 17 inch high and 16 inch wide ghost silhouette. This outdoor decoration comes complete with 43 lights on a one piece molded nylon frame.

It does have the clips attached which is nice to note and saves you from having to buy them separately. The bulbs are white with the ghost’s eyes glow a bright red.

This ghost light set comes with a suction cup to make hanging it up easy and has a long power cord, approximately 60 inches long.

If you have small bushes near the front of your home this might be a good place to hang the ghost silhouette.

If not you can hang it on your front window from either the inside or outside.

Impact Innovations Lighted Ghost Silhouette 17"x16"

Reviews from customers on this Halloween-yard decoration have been very positive as you can see below:

  • I attached it outside to some low lying bushes with cable ties and it works like a charm. It is viewable from the street with no problem (my street is about 20 feet away from the ghost).
  • The lights are bright and the ghost looks great in my window. Easy to put up and the suction cup stays firmly in place.

2 Halloween Skeleton Yard Flamingos Lawn Decor Ornaments - Great for Halloween Haunted House or Over the Hill Party Decorations

Another great idea for your Halloween-Yard is to use the 2 Halloween Skeleton Yard Flamingos Lawn Decor Ornaments - Great for Halloween Haunted House or Over the Hill Party Decorations.

This is a pair of Flamingos or skelamingos that are painted black with bones on them.

The flamingos come in two different sizes. The first one is 30 inches tall and has a long neck. The second has a shorter neck and stands 27 inches tall.

This Halloween ornament set comes with a storage box so you can easily put them away until next year.

Plus don’t forget that people just love flamingos and they can be used for all kinds of parties or even for playing a gag on someone. For a relatively cheap price you can decorate your front lawn and make your home stand out from the rest on your block.

The comments from customers have been great and they just love these cute little guys! Other comments include:

  • I did put them out at Halloween, but I like them so much I've left them outside even with the Christmas lights up.
  • All I can say is my wife LOVES flamingoes, and her favourite holiday is Halloween, so what better gift!
  • Worked great for a 50th Birthday Surprise!
  • My husband and I love quirky stuff like this. We already had an alien lawn gnome and when I came across these I knew we had to have them!

We tracked this particular set of flamingos down over at Amazon where they have plenty of others to choose from.

They have a Devil Mingo Pair or Flamingos that are 33 inches tall and come in black and red. The Pink Inc GM1 33 Inch Solar Powered Flamingo glows a blue color at night time. They are solar powered and require no batteries.

DevilMingo Pair, Flamingo, Devil, Halloween

Pink Inc GM1 33-Inch Solar Powered Flamingo

Plus they look great during the day time too and you can have them emit a study glow or turn on a flashing mode. The solar panel comes on a separate ground stake and customers report having enough power to light them up until early morning!

Other ideas for creating the best Halloween-yard this Halloween include using a set of hanging bats, skeleton body parts, creepy cloth spiders and skull and bones tombstones.

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This list could go on and on but the easiest way for you to decide what theme to go with this year is to run over to Amazon and check out their Halloween Décor department by viewing the banner below.


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