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HISTORY: This home-office-improvements project is a space that at one time was an exterior porch off of the main living room. A previous owner enclosed it by using ten storm windows resting on three intersecting knee walls; three on the front or north facing wall, four on the side or east facing wall, and three more on the rear wall, south facing. This was clearly done on a budget as the triple track storm windows are the only barrier to the elements.

The view below is from the inside looking out onto the deck. This is the south wall that has been rebuilt with a three panel sliding patio door system. The center and right hand panels are stationery with the sliding door on the left.

This room is very comfortable in the Spring and Fall but gets unbearable in the hot summers and cold winters, not a good situation at all if you need your home office to be an invigorating space to want to be productive and work on your website business.

Improvements To Date

We added two insulated air supply ducts and a return air duct when we upgraded the whole house central air conditioning system. The above shot shows the three panel glass wall as seen from the second level of the deck.

We've also renovated the flat ceiling (you know, that tongue and groove stuff used in 1947) and renovated it to a vaulted ceiling, added ceiling insulation, installed a ceiling fan in the middle of the room for good air circulation, and laid down a new subfloor finished off with a beautiful green marble floor (Thanks John!)

Current Status

What's left to renovate are the two walls (north and east) of storm windows that just don't cut it any longer. So, the bottom line is that four out of the six surfaces are already done and that means that once we can get these two other window walls done, we'll be well on our way to the Ultimate Home Office Improvements project.

As you can see below we're under construction with the east wall. We covered up the open wall with a tarp that we've fastened underneath the siding above to create a waterproof barrier so when it storms we'll be well protected.

The Plan

We worked with our architect and designer to develop a 3d rendering of our plan that will eventually accomplish our goal of the Ultimate Home Office. As you can see in the rendering below, we will be removing the four storm windows on the east wall and remodeling the framing in that wall to accomodate three clerestory windows, one wide unit in the center, flanked by two smaller units, topped off with a matching eyebrow window in the peak. We chose clerestory windows as we need the light but don't like the view of the neighbor's home. This window choice also pays us back with the entire thirteen foot length of the wall for our office storage components and large working desk. An eyebrow window is specified in the peak over the clerestorys to give the room the same look and feel as the kitchen addition project.

The image below from Hy-Lite Products, Inc. illustrates the type of glass block that will be used in our three clerestory windows to take our home office improvements to the next level.

Coming soon...we'll show you the step by step process of rebuilding the east wall and eventually complete this Home Office Improvments Project.

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