These home-storage-solutions are great any time of the year, even considering that Spring is the traditional time to clean your home it seems that Fall & Winter is when most people start to think about actually organizing their homes.

This may because of all the new toys and tools that you have suddenly accumulated over the summer and Holidays. Or maybe you are planning on moving and decided that it was finally time to get your house into shape.

Clothes all over the floor due to lack of home-storage-solutions

Need Some Home-Storage-Solutions?

Home-Storage-Solutions for Bikes

One of the easiest ways of organizing-your-home is to tackle one room at a time.

If you live in a harsh Winter area you may wish to organize your tools and garage first.

There are many useful items available today for storing these tools and all of your outdoor items.

Bike racks are a great way to move your bikes out of the way during the winter months. Storage racks are available that can be wall or ceiling mounted plus there are ones that can be pushed into a corner or against a back wall.

If you live in a very small house or apartment and don’t have a garage, there are single bike racks that look sleek and elegant. These racks can be mounted on a wall in your hallway, spare bedroom or other small space without looking unattractive.

Bike Storage Rack
Best Bike Rack
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The Organized-Home for Yard & Garden Tools

Gardening tools can always be a problem when it comes to storing them. During the summer you just may leave them outdoors on in your garage, but when not in use they can be annoying.

Rubbermaid has several great products that are perfect for storing all of your tools, especially spades, shovels and even your electric trimmer or weed trimmer.

Garden Tool Storage Unit
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Items such as pool supplies and garden hoses and even your children’s toys can be stored for the winter in a large storage box.

There are some really large ones for sale up to 130 gallons! This size is more than enough to store tons of garden items and hoses.

The nice thing about some of these boxes is that they can easily be divided into sections. This is a handy thing to do and come spring time you can easily find things again.

Deck-Storage Boxes
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Home-Storage-Solutions to Organize-Your-Closet

Another area of your home that can do with some re-organization is your bedroom closets. This can be easily achieved by using closet kits from Rubbermaid. These come in a variety of sizes and there is a large size that will expand up to 8 feet, if you have a huge closet!

Well Organized Closet
Rubbermaid-Closet Solutions

A great feature about this type of expandable unit is that you can purchase additional storage units as needed. You may need a tie rack, storage for pants and even some drawers inside your closet space. Drawers are particularly useful in a kid’s bedroom as you can also store toys as well as clothes inside them.

Organizing any part of your home is a great task to do on a weekend, especially a rainy one! Plus it is something that the entire family can get involved with. While you are busy organizing don’t forget to put aside the items that you don’t use any more. These items may be perfect to give away to others in need or could be used when you have your next garage sale.

Be sure to see our full and detailed review of how to incorporate Easy-Closets into your home storage solutions.

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