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Orbit Watermaster 91922 Twelve-Station Sprinkler System Timer with Remote Control


This Orbit-watering-system was the perfect solution for our irrigation needs. So far, we've used ten of the available twelve stations on our side deck, the back yard, the front yard, and in the veggie garden. No more running outside to irrigate manually--what a time saver this product is.

If you're looking for a water sprinkler timing system that offers a lot of features, multi-programmable stations and is easy to use, the Orbit Watermaster 91922 Twelve-Station Sprinkler System Timer with Remote Control may be just what you're looking for. This unit is easy to program, features large buttons and an easy to read LCD display with backlighting.

Product Features of this Orbit-Watering-System:

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  • Easy to program
  • Bright backlit display
  • Interactive text in four languages; English, Spanish, French, Italian and German
  • Built-in wireless receiver for optional rain sensor
  • Program days of week, watering, interval, or odd/even days, settings from 1 to 240 minutes, 10 start times per day
  • Pump or master valve feature for non standard installations

This orbit-watering-system features a remote transmitter for operating twelve zones in an area up to 300 feet, making it convenient for all of your watering and landscaping needs. You can turn on the zones remotely any time you need extra watering and the unit will revert back to its regular programming on schedule. It's extremely convenient and useful to save you time from running back and forth to a controller box if you need to do repairs to your hoses, sprinkler heads, etc.

Who is the Orbit Watermaster 91922 Twelve-Station Sprinkler System Timer with Remote Control Suitable For?

The Orbit Watermaster 91922 Twelve-Station Sprinkler System Timer with Remote Control is a great option for people with a good sized yard and needs multiple station settings for various areas of the yard.

The remote control is handy for those times you notice an area isn't getting enough water and you need to manually turn it on for a little while. This saves legwork and time from not having to run to the controller box to turn the system on.

What Customers Are Saying About This Orbit-Watering-System

  • The best buy I have ever bought. It eliminates me from having to go the contoller or valves to turn them on while working on sprinklers. It also keeps me from getting all wet while working on valves and sprinklers. I even bought a 6 station for my friend. This should be advertised more, because I found it by accident at Home Depot store.
  • This unit does all it is advertised to do. Nice to be able to program the unit and then plug it into the docking station. The remote works well from throughout my yard area, but I'm never over 100' from the unit.
  • This is the handiest item we have ever purchased and it was simple to install. To water without leaving the couch is great. We love having the options to set so many different zones to individual lengths of watering, saves a lot of our plants after our backyard makeover.
  • This orbit-watering-system has all the features that I wanted. There are enough stations, the setup is simple, and the display is easy to understand. I purchased this mainly for the remote control. Since my timer is in the basement, it is very convenient to turn the unit on from the yard when I need to do testing or starting the sprinkler outside of my preset program times.

If you're looking to make your watering needs easier and like the appeal of having a remote control, multiple stations and an easy to program system, this orbit-watering-system, the Orbit Watermaster 91922 Twelve-Station Sprinkler System Timer is an excellent choice.

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