Rain Bird SST-600I Simple Set 6-Station Indoor Automatic Sprinkler System Timer


Rain-Bird-Sprinklers are a superb choice if you have a sunroom or other area of your home containing a lot of house plants and need a simple way to keep them watered without toting the water can around. It can be a chore just having to refill the water can to give all of your house plants a good watering.

If you have an indoor greenhouse, investing in an indoor watering system is a great solution to help you save time and to ensure your plants are getting the water they need.

Product Features of

  • Automatic indoor watering system timer with control for up to 6 zones
  • Simple zone-by-zone setting allows you to customize watering schedules for different areas
  • Easy-to-operate system lets you choose start time, watering duration, and days of week

  • Large, easy-to-read screen and backlit buttons allow you to review settings at a glance
  • Sealed case protects against moisture, insects, and grime; superior surge protection

This system is also a great option for outdoor watering too, but since it's housed inside your home it's a great choice for setting up your indoor greenhouse, sun room or other area where you have a lot of house plants.

Rain Bird SST-600I Simple Set 6-Station Indoor Automatic Sprinkler System Timer

The Rain Bird SST-600I Simple Set 6-Station Indoor Automatic Sprinkler System Timer is a super choice for people who have a small yard and an indoor garden as you can program several zones and take care of your outdoor and indoor watering needs with one simple unit.

This unit is an extremely versatile timer with features such as an intuitive zone-by-zone scheduling. This gives you the allowance to set different watering times for each area of the yard or indoor patio.

It also provides options to set your system to water full sun areas more and shaded areas less, or in short intervals if your yard needs a good soaking, not to mention the ability to drip water trees or your indoor plants.

Who is The Rain Bird SST-600I Simple Set 6-Station Indoor Automatic Sprinkler System Timer Suitable For?

These Rain-Bird-sprinklers are perfect for people who have smaller yards and don't need a lot of zones to tend to, but also want the option to water indoor areas with a drip watering system.

With an indoor watering system you will also need to invest in special drip watering irrigation tubing that is designed to be set up in your planters. These are very versatile and can be cut to specific lengths.

What Customers Say About Their Rain-Bird-Sprinklers

  • So far, I love the Rain Bird SST-600I for many of the reasons stated by others. This controller is very intuitive to set up and use. But, more importantly Rain Bird appears to have responded to consumer critics by making a NEW and IMPROVED version. REALLY!
  • I got this one of these rain-bird-sprinklers to replace a failing old controller. I installed it in less than 15 minutes, and had it programmed in 5 more. The user interface is very good - never opened the manual. Selecting parameters for each circuit individually is much easier to understand than setting up cycles of groups of circuits like other controllers. Turning on circuits manually is also very easy which I appreciate.
  • These Rain-Bird-sprinklers are great; I have never hooked up a sprinkler system control panel, so this is straight from a novice.
  • I was looking for a timer that didn't require you to refer to the instructions each time you wanted to make a change. This one fits the bill. It is indeed easy to program as advertised.
  • This was a very easy timer to set. I liked the feature where you could run a zone for just ten minutes. I live in an area where you can only water by the last digit of your street address, odd or even and I was surprised to see you could set the timer to water on odd or even days.

At a decent price range, the ease of setup and use and the versatility of these Rain-Bird-Sprinklers, specifically the Rain Bird SST-600I, Simple Set 6-Station Indoor Automatic Sprinkler System Timer, is a great choice for people who need a lot of options, but not necessarily a lot of zones to set up on a timer system.

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