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We created the Remodeling-Apps page as an extension of our original App-Center. If you're ready to dive into the BUILD-IT phase of your project, this is for you. These remodeling-apps cover aggregate and concrete estimations, several carpentry tools, a fast paint calculator, and HVAC apps...they're all right here.

What we found among the clutter of 100,000-plus apps on the market are the coolest home renovation-apps to make your home improvement projects easier, and a lot more fun.

Have fun with these! These time-saving apps are focused on the BUILD-IT phase. As always, please let us know if we missed any that you can't live without, so we can share with our readers. Please use the "Contact Us" button on our home page.


Aggregate Estimator App at Remodeling-Apps

Aggregate Estimator, by Lake Simcoe Concrete


Calculates the volume of sand, gravel, topsoil, and crushed stone in cubic yards, U.S. tons, and metric tons. Just enter the length, width, and thickness of the project area and the tool quickly calculates the amount of material required for the job.

Bubble Level App at Remodeling-Apps

Bubble Level, by CirkelSoft


This app turns your iPad into a level. Hold any of the tablet’s four sides against an object to test it for plumb/level, or lay it down on a flat surface for a 360-degree level. The tool will beep or light when surface or object is level.

BuildCalc App at Remodeling-Apps

BuildCalc – Advanced Construction Calculator, by BuildCalc


BuildCalc is a construction calculator with advanced features, including stair and baluster functions, hip/valley roof functions, and custom sizing. Includes a daylight display mode for better visibility on site.

Builder's Helper App at Remodeling-Apps

Builder’s Helper – Advanced Construction Calculator, by My Pie Interactive


This app will calculate both normal and unit calculations for a variety of construction projects, including rafters, columns, concrete, stairs, drywall, painting, decking, roof systems, and flooring. It allows users to store and recall triangular measurements for calculating roof pitch, rafter lengths, and stair lengths.

Carpenter's Helper Lite at Remodeling-Apps

Carpenter’s Helper Lite, by My Pie Interactive


This construction calculator can perform normal and unit calculations, as well as advanced calculations like pitch, rise, run, and diagonal. Also available in a “professional” version that contains a memory bank.

Carpentry Formulator App at Remodeling-Apps

Carpentry Formulator, by Multieducator Inc.


Carpentry Formulator contains more than 80 formulas that are useful for carpenters and builders. Every result in app can be saved and e-mailed. Users can also select from favorites and recent formulas.

Concrete BlockCalc app at Remodeling-Apps

Concrete Block Calculator, by Lake Simcoe Concrete Forming


Calculate the amount of concrete blocks needed for basements, retaining walls, and exterior walls in second. Enter the height and length of the structure and the tool provides an instant estimate.

We've used this remodeling-app when we built two retaining walls and it makes quick work out of calculating how many concrete blocks you'll need for your project.

Concrete Calculator App at Remodeling-Apps

Concrete Calculator, by Mugamma


This allows construction professionals to calculate the amount (in cubic yards or number of 60- or 80-lb. bags) of concrete required for square or rectangular slabs, circular concrete slabs, and concrete columns. The tool also provides cost estimates.

This is one of our popular remodeling-apps; we used it extensively when we needed to determine how much concrete needed to be ordered for our new driveway project.

Concreteulator App at Remodeling-Apps

Concretulator, by Bruce Martin


This quick calculator allows users to determine the number of bags and cubic yards of concrete needed for construction jobs based on the dimension of the work area and the type of structure — slab, footer, or column.

Carpentry Pocket Reference App at Remodeling-Apps

Carpentry Pocket Reference, by Double Dog Studios


Based on the U.S. Army’s Field Manual 5-426, Carpentry, this app provides techniques and procedures for frame construction, preparation and use of bills of materials, building layout, forming for concrete slabs and foundations, framing and finish carpentry, roof framing and coverings, and the materials used for these projects.

Drywall Calc App at Remodeling-Apps

Drywall Calculator, by Jeremy Breaux


Simply input the dimensions of a space and this app will provide the total square footage and the number of 4 x 8-foot drywall sheets required for the job. Gypsum board sizes can easily be adjusted.

No more fussing with a calculator. This is one of our handiest of all of our remodeling-apps and we used it extensively when we gutted our basement and built our home theater room.

Fast Concrete Pad Calc at Remodeling-Apps

Fast Concrete Pad Calculator, by Seven Infinity


This app calculates quantities of concrete and rebar required for any concrete-pad project. It also calculates material cost and waste, and allows users to instantly email estimates to team members and clients.

Fast Paint Calc at Remodeling-Apps

Fast Paint Calculator, by Seven Infinity


Punch in the dimensions of any room and the price per gallon and this app will instantly calculate the cost for the painting project. Users can add the cost for a second coat or painted ceiling with a tap of the screen. The app also allows users to quickly adjust the price per gallon and paint coverage.

Handyman Calculator at Remodeling-Apps

Handyman Calculator, by Orangutan Studios


This tool offers three calculators/converters — a SEER savings calculator, flooring calculator, and temperature converter — plus its own notepad for storing measurements and results. Includes U.S. standard and metric measurements.

HVAC Apps at Remodeling-Apps

HVAC Apps, by Carmel Studios

Carmel Software offers 22 apps for performing various calculations for HVAC maintenance and installation in both residential and commercial buildings. Tools include HVAC Residential Load Calcs, HVAC Load Plus, HVAC Duct Sizer, and HVAC ResVent 62.2.

This is just the beginning of our Remodeling-Apps. More will follow daily, so bookmark this page now, and check back with us frequently for even more of these great renovation-apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

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