The Astonishing Ripstik Caster-Board Will Have You Zooming Ahead in No Time

Gifts For Boys #10

There is something to cheer about for adrenaline junkies as the Ripstik Caster-Board is here. This revolutionary product takes the thrill and excitement of skateboarding to a completely new level. Its design and method of operation are quite different from that of a normal skateboard.


It enables its rider to have a great deal of control over its operation and perform a variety of tricks which are not possible on a normal skateboard.

Unlike a normal skateboard, the feet of the rider of the Ripstik Caster Board have no need to leave the board to propel it.

Acceleration is controlled with the help of two separate pads, which also assist in negotiating turns. Simply put some weight on it and kick hard. It will take care of the rest on its own.

Main Features

It works like a hybrid of snowboard and skateboard. It combines best features of the two, thereby giving an excellent experience to its riders.

Concave design, kick tail and nose and spiked transaction pads for great control over its operation for a smooth ride.

It utilizes precision ABEC-5 bearing casters and 76mm polyurethane wheels. Customers can purchase the value pack and get an extra set of wheels for just a little extra.

It supports up to 220 pounds. It is perfect for riders aged eight years and above.

Rubber padded handle and torsion bar.

Capable of negotiating 360 degree turns. Performing stupendous tricks has been made quite easy by this ultimate product.

It gets shipped with a 90 day warranty. The company will take care of it in case of any damage within this time period.

Ripstik Caster Board In Action

Great Sale Price!

Main Advantages

This caster-board is quite useful for exercising and developing coordination. It is great for having fun outdoors.

Great for kids as well as adults to spend some time enjoying themselves, or, with their friends.

Allows you to perform several tricks like the 360 Kickflip, Frontside 180 Kickflip, Switch Kickflip, Kickflip, Double Kickflip, Frontside 180 Double Kickflip, Nollie Frontside 180 Bigspin, Fakie Kickflip and many more.

Perfect for getting kids to have fun outdoors rather than wasting time while sitting in front of a TV or computer. This caster-board promotes an active lifestyle.

Smooth ride on any type of surface, made possible with the help of futurist technology.

Caster Board In Action

Customer Reviews

Kids simply adore this product because of the immense control and superior performance as compared to common skateboards.

The wheels are quite sturdy and even if they break down after long usage, they can be easily replaced with rollerblades.

Moreover, the ability to perform all sorts of tricks with this caster-board is especially liked by everyone.


Put on the safety equipment and get set for having a great deal of fun outside your house! If you decide to do that, then you must know that Ripstik Caster Board fits the bill perfectly.

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