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Our-Home-Improvements--Home-Improvement Ideas, Make Your Home...A Better Place
Need some great design-inspired home-improvements? OHI has a plethora of do-it-yourself-ideas, home-makeover tips, top-room-designs, and much more

Author Steve-Bunce At Our-Home-Improvements.com
Steve-Bunce, author of Our-Home-Improvements.com is our About Us Page, and who we are. Our experience can help take the scary out of your home-improvements

Contact-Us At Our-Home-Improvements.com, We'd Love To Hear From You
Contact-us and tell us what home improvements YOU are working on? Who knows, you might get published

Our-Home-Improvements.com Privacy-Policy
Our-Home-Improvements.com Privacy-Policy

Our-Home-Improvements Blog
The Our-Home-Improvements.com BLOG keeps you up-to-date with all the latest changes & additions to the our-home-improvments.com web site.

Get The Cost-For-Windows For Your Energy-Efficient Window Replacement Project
Wondering what the cost-for-windows will be for your home? Just use our Cost-For-Replacement-Windows Calculator right here, right now, it's FREE & EASY

Our-Home-Improvements Sitemap
Our sitemap lists every page on our website, and will help you find the information you are looking for quickly and easily

How-To-Be-Green And Put Green In Your Pocketbook When You're Remodeling
Looking for how-to-be-green in your remodeling project? These top 7 tips shows you what-is-going-green means and what-is-a-green-building. It's all about saving energy AND MONEY

Home Improvements-SiteSearch
Welcome to Home Improvements-SiteSearch. Wondering where exactly we talked about the DIY Home Energy Assesment to Save $?

Videos That Make Consumer-Reviews Fun & Infotaining, Get Informed & Have Fun!
Videos reviewing home & garden products that inform, put the consumer in control & entertain

Bialetti-Moka-Express, Design Icon AND an Amazing Stovetop-Expresso-Maker
The Bialetti-Moka-Express puts romance back into brewing a cup of expresso--make the time and enjoy

DeLonghi-EC702 Home-Expresso-Machine Gets An OHI Review & It's Less Than $200
Is the DeLonghi-EC702 the right home-expresso-machine for you? See this review before you buy ANY expresso machine

Garden-Tiller Time, A Power-Tiller Is Best for Seeding & Sodding & Large Gardens
Which garden-tiller does the best job? As our tiller-reviews show, it all depends on your specific needs

Apollo Digital-Ballast Powers Your Grow-Lights For Your Indoor-Greenhouse
This digital-ballast powers either 400-watt-hps or metal halide bulbs & is perfect for your grow-lights

Seed-Vault Survival, 20 Heirloom-Vegetable Varieties For Your Vegetable Garden
Seed-vault ready? See how these non-gmo-seeds will replicate themselves year after year

The Best-Riding-Lawn-Mower For Your Needs Depends on a Number Of Factors
What's the best-riding-lawn-mower? We review the Snapper 7800545 LT130 & the Poulan P017542LT

Hydrofarm Hot House Germination Kits Give your Seed-Propagation A Robust Start
A Hydrofarm Hot House is a must for sowing seeds-indoors. An indoor-greenhouse that's heated for strong healthy plants

The Best-Cordless-Vacuum We Found Is Actually A Handheld-Vacuum, The Dustbuster
What's the best-cordless-vacuum? This Black & Decker CHV1510 portable-vacuum-cleaner review tells all

Bagless-Upright That Sucks! Dirt-Devil-Dynamite To The Rescue, Light & Compact
What's the best bagless-upright vacuum? The Dirt-Devil-Dynamite with HEPA filtration and on-board tools gets the job done

The Best-Handheld-Vacuum Is Also A Stick-Vacuum, The Dirt Devil SD20000
What's the best-handheld-vacuum for your needs? This Dirt Devil portable-vacuum doubles at a stick-vacuum as well

Stick-Vacuum Review of The Hoover-Linx-Cordless-Stick & Five Other Vacuums
Is a stick-vacuum for you? Stick around our page and find out and see 5 other vacuum cleaner reviews

Hoover-Windtunnel OHI Review, Powerful Suction, Auto-Rewind Cord, Pet Hair Beast
Why the Hoover-Windtunnel & it's 12 amp motor makes it the best-vacuum-cleaner-for-pet-hair

Handheld-Vacuum That's The Best-Vacuum-For-Pet-Hair, Eureka 71-B Portable-Vacuum
Need a handheld-vacuum with power for all that pet hair? See why the Eureka 71-B is the best-vacuum-cleaner-for-pet-hair

Our Vacuum-Cleaner-Reviews Don't Suck|Handheld-Vacuum, Stick-Vacuum, & Upright
OHI vacuum-cleaner-reviews get you up to speed on handheld-vacuum, stick-vacuum, and upright-vacuum before you buy

Make Bike-Storage EZ With OHI's Bike-Rack-Reviews, Yet Another Storage Solution
Which bike-storage rack is best for you? Our bike-rack-review helps you select the best-bike-rack for your needs

Easy-Closets NOW With These Rubbermaid-Closet Solutions For Your Own DIY-Closet
Need some easy-closets to deal with? Got you covered with these closet-solutions from Rubbermaid-closet

Deck-Storage Made EZ, Large Storage-Chest Doubles As An Outdoor-Storage-Bench
Got the deck-storage blues? Look no further, this affordable deck or garden-storage box doubles as a seating bench

Home-Storage-Solutions Are EZ When You're Organizing-Your-Home
Home-storage-solutions for how to organize-your-closet, bike storage, yard tool storage, and deck storage

Garden-Tool-Storage Made EZ With The Rubbermaid-Storage 5E28 Deluxe Tool-Caddy
Is your garden-tool-storage a mess? Get it organized with one of these home-storage-soloutions from Rubbermaid-Storage

Countertop-wine-rack shows fine taste in your collection & keeps it organized
Yes, a countertop-wine-rack looks great. Do you prefer the 6, 7, or 12 bottle-wine-rack in your kitchen?

Electronic-Cigarette-Starter-Kit Has Everything You Need To Transist To an E-Cig
Electronic-cigarette-starter-kit means no smoke, no tobacco, no smell, no ash, and no carcinogens going into your body

Ube Remote-Control-Light-Switch Lights Your Home From Your Smartphone
What's the Ube remote-control-light-switch? It's a home-lighting-system replacement dimmer that's great for DIY home-improvements

Kitchen-Island-Ideas, Reimagine The Modern Kitchen, Kitchen-Design At It's Best
Great kitchen-island-ideas abound plus kitchen-design ideas for vent hoods, backsplashes, & high-tech kitchens

How-To-Remodel-A-Home From Decks, Siding, Windows, Kitchens & Bathrooms
How-to-remodel-a-home confirms the TOP FIVE Remodeling Projects you should consider to increase your home's value

What-Is-Green-Technology Exposes Green Home Building & Remodeling Technologies
In home building what-is-green-technology? Marla Esser, CGP, LEED AP explains green technologies from basics to WOW factor

When Designing-A-Room There Are 7 Basic Rules To Explain What-Is-Interior-Design
Designing-a-room? Be sure to check out these seven basic rules that will inspire your search for interior-design-home-ideas

What-Is-Automation For Home Energy Savings All About & How This Builder Does It
Need some home energy saving ideas? What-is-automation shows how today's new homes have a lot of low-cost electronic implmentation that is so unobtrus

Home-Improvement-News-Stories Right on Your Desktop, Right Here, Right Now
Our home-improvement-news-stories are from around the country and is the latest in home-improvement news

Home-Improvement-Catalog Getting Those Home-Improvements Done
Our Home-Improvement-Catalog offers home-improvement links to additional resources you'll find helpful in your own home-improvements

Colors-of-Paint For 2012, All of the New 2012 Sherwin-Williams-Colors Here Now
What Are The Colors-Of-Paint for 2012? From paint colors for the kitchen, to all of the new Sherwin-Williams-Colors, look no further, we have them all

Bring These 2012 Sherwin-Williams-Colors To Life in Your Home Improvements
Need some paint color inspiration for this Spring? These Sherwin-Williams-Colors will take your home to the next level. Be the envy of your neighborhood

Adaptive Landscapes for Long-Term Sustainability
How do Adaptive Landscapes impact Long-Term Sustainability? Learn how this property manager does it

Our-Home-Improvements App-Center has Great Apps for Your Design/Build Projects
Our App-Center has best home improvement apps (iPhone & Android) you'll find helpful with your home-improvements

The Best Home Remodeling-Apps We've Found, & We Looked Everywhere
Looking for the BEST REMODELING-APPS out there? From aggregate & concrete apps, carpentry apps, fast paint calculator apps, to HVAC apps, we found the best

Our Top-Room-Designs Is Your Help-With-Room-Design Primer
Need some Top-Room-Designs from the Pros? If you need a little help, see these top-ten-design-tips

Trends-In-Interior-Design Change With How We Feel..What's Hot & What's Not?
See the latest trends-in-interior-design from one of the country's top interior-designers. What's Hot & What's Not?

Our Quick-Improvement Strategy For All Around Your Home
This quick-Improvement strategy keeps your home looking fresh & inspiring all year long. It also maintains your home and improves your resale value

Home-Office-Trends Are Changing as the McMansion Shrinks
Want a insider view of the latest home-office-trends? See where these home improvement trends are going as technology gets more compact.

Double Duty Spaces That Really Work
Need some great advice on Double Duty Spaces? See how this architect makes it happen.

Home Energysavers! Where Does My Money Go?
Taking advantage of all the Energysavers at home? Where Does My Money Go For Energy? See how your home compares against the National Average

How Insulation Home Improvements Yield Big Savings In Your Wallet
How Reverse Insulation Techniques can save you big money! Learn how these homeowners made their home draft free and saved a ton of money!

Top Tips for Decorating-A-Room, How-to-Decorate The-Dining-Room
Need some tips on decorating-a-room? The-dining-room size demanded that we use best design practices for decorating-a-room

Fireplace-Improvements That Pay You Back and Look Great
Fireplace-Improvements that will pay you back and look great at the same time.

Our Kitchen-Addition is Now the Heart of our Home
Looking For Ideas to Make Your Kitchen-Addition the Heart of Your Home?

Learn How-to-Make-Decks Designed to Make Your Neighbors Jealous
See how-to-make-decks that inspire. Start with how-to-design-a-deck , then progress to how-to-build-a-deck right here and now.

Get The Replacement-Roof-Cost For Your Next Roofing Project
What's your replacement-roof-cost? Just use our FREE + EASY What-is-the-Cost-of-a-New-Roof Estimator

What-Color-Is-Slate? When You Slate-A-Roof The Colors-Of-Slate Matter

Power Wheels Dune-Racer Review, It's Riding Time On The Playground
The Power Wheels Dune-Racer battery-powered-ride-on will put smile on their faces, see it here now

AR.Drone Quadricopter Controlled by iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad & Android Devices
Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter, a groundbreaking toy for teens & grown-ups, indoors & outdoors

LEGO-Ninjago-Fire-Temple - Ninja, Dragons, Villains & Fable Weapons In One Set
The LEGO-Ninjago-Fire-Temple features 1174 pieces, 7 mini-figure heros, fire dragon & 18 weapons

Optimus-Prime-Toy, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Is An Amazing Autobot Toy
The Optimus-Prime-toy engages five year olds + with heroric Autobots & evil Decepticons

Ultimate-FX-Lightsaber, General Anakin Skywalker & The Familiar "Woooom" Sound
The ultimate-fx-lightsaber lets kids recreate epic battles from the world famous Star Wars series

LEGO-LOTR, The Perfect Toy Set For Your Child, LEGO Hobbit Attack on Weathertop
This 430 pc LEGO-LOTR set will keep your kids occupied with its interesting storyline

Nerf Vulcan-EBF 25 N-Strike Dart Blaster, The Perfect Gift For 8 Year Old Boys
Nerf N-Strike Vulcan-EBF 25 is loaded with ammunition box, 25 whistler darts & dart belt

Criss-Angel-Magic-Kit Mindfreak Teachs You How To Perform Over 500 Magic Tricks
Criss-Angel-magic-kit includes instructional DVD and a free membership to the Criss Angel website

Ripstik Caster-Board, Great Gift For Adrenaline Filled Boys, Gives Them Exercise
Ripstik caster-board, perfect for 180 kickflip, switch kickflip, kickflip, double kickflip and more

Portable-Basketball-System Tests Your Skills For Above The Rim Play & Dunking
Lifetime portable-basketball-system is adjustable, sturdy & comes with a 5 year warranty

Leatherman-Charge-TTi Multi-Tool Gets An OHI Review, Resistant & Sophisticated
The Leatherman-Charge-TTi 830684 is a resistant and very sophisticated Leatherman-multi-tool

Panasonic-Electric-Shavers Protect Sensitive Skin While Shaving, An OHI Review
Panasonic-electric-shavers for Christmas? Not until your read this Panasonic-electric-shaver review

Jedi-Robe Makes Top Ten Gifts For Men List And Doubles As A Jedi-Costume
This Jedi-Robe is a perfect replica of the original Jedi hooded-dressing-gown

We Found The Best-Laptop-Backpack Is The Targus-Backpack & Checkpoint-Friendly
What's the best-laptop-backpack for frequent air travelers? See our laptop-backpack-review before you decide

OHI Nascar-Scanner Review, A Feature-Rich Uniden-Scanner for Amateur & Pro Users
The Nascar-scanner, Uniden BC-95XLT lets you know what's going around around you

3M-Pocket-Projector Review, OHI Reviews The 3M-Mobile MP225 Portable-Projector
The 3M-Pocket-Projector allows viewing of your content from Apple devices & laptops on a big screen

Mr-Coffee-BVMC Frappe-Maker Review, Features, Advantages, Drawbacks, Conclusion
Is this frappe-maker right for you? OHI's review of the Mr-Coffee-BVMC FM1 will help you decide

Ralph-Lauren-Black Cologne For Men, Natural Spray, Exquisite Fragrance, THE Gift
Ralph-Lauren-Black is the Ralph-Lauren-aftershave for husbands, boyfriends, & fathers

Canon-Rebel-T3i, The Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera With The CMOS Sensor
This Canon-Rebel-T3i will have you shooting like a pro with exceptional tonal range & clarity

Wow, This Open-Heart-Necklace With Diamonds & Gold Chain Shows Her Your Love
The open-heart-necklace, 10k white gold chain & 3 diamonds shows your special lady you care

Gift-Baskets-For-Women Are Victorian Lace Tea, Green Tea Zen & Lavender Renewal
These gift-baskets-for-women are equipped to pamper them with a great spa experience

Stunning Anne Klein Rose-Gold-Watch, Swarovski Crystals And White Ceramic Band
The rose-gold-watch by Anne Klein, the perfect gift for her. A classy blend of luxury & simplicity

Cotton-Robe, 30% Bamboo, 70% Cotton, Natural White, One Of The Best Ladies-Robes
A cotton-robe that's eco-friendly, feels fantastic, has a long lasting fabric and is elegant and warm

Cuisinart-Ice-Cream Maker ICE-30BC, Automatically Makes Frozen Yogurt & Sorbet
ICE-30BC Cuisinart-ice-cream maker easily makes 2 Qts of your favorite frozen dessert

Bissell Little-Green-Machine Review, A Multi-Purpose Compact Green-Clean-Machine
The Little-green-machine comes to the rescue for pet stains, carpet & upholstery stains

Our Amazing Robot-Vacuum-Cleaner, The iRobot Roomba 560 Cleaning-Robot
Does a robot-vacuum-cleaner make life easier? See how our Roomba-vacuum is so convenient

Why The Kindle-Fire Made Our Top Ten Gifts For Women, For Busy & Active People
The Kindle-Fire is the top rated gift you can give her this year. See why it's the best-ebook-reader

Christmas-Wreath-Ideas That Symbolize Strength Are A Traditional Decoration
Our Christmas-wreath-ideas cover Canadian Pine, Glitter Berry, Melrose Mixed Short & Long Needle Wispy Pine, & flocked American Pine

Tabletop-Christmas-Trees 4 Small Spaces, Charm Tree, Charlie Pine, & Douglas Fir
These tabletop-christmas-trees are great as an accent tree, or your main tree if you live in an apartment or another small space

Our Christmas-Tree-Store Features The Best In Artificial-Christmas-Trees
Visit the Christmas-tree-store for your four foot, six foot, white Christmas trees, outdoor trees, & tabletop-Christmas-trees

Best Halloween-Yard & What It Looks Like, Ghost Lights & Scary Looking Flamingos
Want a FREAKY Halloween-Yard? Our ghost silhouette and boney flamingos will scare the pants off your visitors

Medieval-Costumes Rule! Faire Wench, Dragon Slayer, Robin-Hood & Elizabeth Swann
Medieval-Costumes for Halloween? We have you covered with renaissance-clothing galore

The Best Halloween-Decoration-Ideas Gives Your Halloween-Decorating A Jump Start
Need some Halloween-decoration-ideas? These are Halloween-decorating must haves

Halloween-Cake Ideas, Halloween-Food-Ideas,Halloween-Party-Food To Make 'Em Howl
Need some Halloween-cake ideas? Our pirate ship, fairtytale cottage, & backyard bugs should do the trick

Halloween-Treats That Are Quick & Easy! Halloween-Food To Scare Them All!
Need the best Halloween-treats? From mummy cupcakes to worms in the dirt, we have them all

Chocolate-Hearts for Valentines-Day Say I LOVE YOU, So What Are You Waiting For?
Chocolate-hearts for Valentines-Day, truffles, caramel hearts, fudge hearts, and even heart shaped boxes

Cute-Valentines-Day-Ideas For Kids, Spouses, Parents, Girlfriends & Boyfriends
Need some cute-valentines-day-ideas? They'll love the Webkinz Love Frog & My Pillow Pets Luv Pup

Engagement-Rings-For-Women For Valentines Day? Of Course, & Get The Best Buy
These engagement-rings-for-women cover Princess cut, Halo, & three stone engagement-ring-styles

Godiva-Chocolate Is The Finest-Chocolate For Valentines-Day For Your Chocoholic
Considering Godiva-chocolate for Valentines-Day? Read this CHOCOHOLIC warning first

Is Davidoff-Cool-Water One of The Cool-Gifts-For-Guys This Valentines Day...YES!
Davidoff-Cool-Water, introduced in 1988 is still a best seller for Valentines-Day-Presents

Make Valentines-Day-Special On A Budget With These Cheap-Valentines-Day-Gifts
Make Valentines-Day-special with these creative-Valentines-Day Gifts for your special Valentine

In-Room-Air-Conditioners, Reviews To Determine Which Window-Air-Unit Is For You
What in-room-air-conditioners are best for you? Don't buy anything until you see these reviews

Review of Air-Conditioners-5000-BTU, OHI Reviews The Frigidaire FRA052XT7 Mini
Which air-conditioners-5000-btu are the best? See this review to discover the best 5000-btu-air-conditioners

How-To-Size-An-Air-Conditioner, What You Need to Know About Buying A Window AC
If you're wondering how-to-size-an-air-conditioner, we've got the answers you need. See this buyers guide for room air conditioners

BTU-For-Air-Conditioner Chart, Remove The Mystery, Properly Size An AC Unit
What BTU-for-air-conditioner do you need? Use this air-conditioner-room-size-btu chart to accurately size your AC unit

OHI Reviews The Flowtron-Bug-Zapper BK-80D 80-Watt Electronic Insect Killer
The Flowtron-bug-zapper STOPS making you the meal when you're enjoying the outdoor spaces of our home. The BK-80D rids your backyard makes it a safer place all summer long

The Best-Irrigation-Systems And Their Pros & Cons
What are the best-irrigation-systems for watering? OHI reviews our five favorite irrigation systems for your consideration

The Orbit-Watering-System, A Review By The Our Home Improvements Team
This Orbit-Watering-System won us over when we reviewed the orbit-irrigation-systems and orbit-water-timers. It's the Orbit Watermaster 91922

Rainbird-Irrigation-Timer SST12000 12 Zone, An Our Home Improvements Review
Is the Rainbird-Irrigation-Timer SST12000 right for you? See this review before you buy

Rain-Bird-Sprinklers For Indoors? Our Review of the Rain-Bird SST-600I
Rain-Bird-Sprinklers indoors? Sure thing, see our review of this Rain-Bird-irrigation-System for up to six zones

Of All The Timers-For-Watering, The Orbit-Digital-Timer 91213 Is One of The Best
What are the best timers-for-watering? See this OHI review of the Orbit-Digital-Timer 91213

A Review Of: Drip-System-Irrigation On Your Patio or Greenhouse
Is a drip-system-irrigation right for you? A do-it-yourself-irrigation-system could be perfect depending on your situation

The Do-It-Yourself-Irrigation-System, A Review of the DIG Irrigation GE200 Kit
Need a do-it-yourself-irrigation-system? See our how-to-drip-irrigation review of the Dig GE200

These Best Home-Office-Setup Tips Will Get Your New Home-Office Ready To Go Fast
Home-office-setup got you puzzled? We'll help you put together the best modern-home-office

The Best Computer-Desks-For-Home Can Turn An Empty Space Into A Home Office
Which of the computer-desks-for-home are right for you? This workstation-desk is sleek, modern, and full of storage

Desks-For-Home Come In All Shapes, Sizes & Prices, This Armoire-Desk Has It All
Desks-for-home got you puzzled? Check out these Sauder-desks for desks-with-hutch

A Comfortable-Office-Chair is a Must, Why We Chose This Ergonomic-Office-Chair
Need a comfortable-office-chair in your home office? See this OHI best-office-chair review before you buy

Ladder-Bookcase Is Popular This Year, Leaning-Shelf Provides Affordable Storage
Is a ladder-bookcase right for you? If you're searching for a contemporary leaning-bookcase, it just might be

Sony iPod-Clock-Radio ICF-C05iP, A Clock-Radio-With-iPod-Dock Gets An OHI Review
iPod-clock-radio for the home office. This Sony-iPod-dock can remind you when to pick up the kids

How To Make-Ice-Cream At Home That Makes Them Want MORE, Our Top Ten Tips
About to make-ice-cream at home? Learn how to make ice cream that will have your guests begging for MORE

Home-Made-Icecream-Maker Cuisinart ICE 50BC, An OHI Team Review
Is this the home-made-icecream-maker for you! See this review of the ICE 50BC before you buy any ice cream machine

The Top Four Home-Icecream-Makers, How To Find The BEST Home-Made-Icecream-Maker
Which of these home-icecream-makers is the best for you? See these ice-cream-machine-maker reviews before you buy

Kitchen-Aid-Icecream-Maker KICA0WH Review, Pros & Cons-Kitchenaid-Icecream-Maker
Wondering about the Kitchen-Aid-icecream-maker attachment? Can 440 5 star reviews be wrong?

Our Yonanas-Review of the Yonanas 902 Ice-Cream-Treat Maker Satisfies The Urge
Peep this Yonanas-Review before you buy the Yonanas-Maker for healthy frozen ice cream treats

Iced-Tea-Makers Are Great But Which Of The Top Iced-Tea Brewers Is Best For Me?
Which of these top iced-tea-makers is the best buy for your needs? Breville One-Touch? Cuisinart CPK-17? Mr. Coffee TM70? Hamilton Beach?

OHI Reviews The Breville-Tea-Maker & What 168 Personal Reviews Say
Is the Breville-tea-maker for me? OHI's review of the Breville-One-Touch-Tea-Maker will help you decide if this high-end tea maker is right for you

See Which-Electric-Kettle Fits Your Needs--Our Cuisinart CPK-17 Kettle Review
Which-electric-kettle is perfect for you? OHI reviews the Cuisinart CPK-17 Perfectemp Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

The Hamilton-Beach-Tea-Maker Gets an OHI Review vs Breville, Mr.Coffee & Cuisinart
Is the Hamilton-Beach-Tea-Maker right for you? See our comparative reviews of it and the Breville One-Touch, the Cuisinart CPK-17, & the Mr. Coffee

Iced-Tea-Drinks, Very Popular All Around the World, Making-Ice-Tea is EASY
COLD iced-tea-drinks will quench your thirst during the hot summer months. Make it easy with an iced tea maker-we See our compairsons

Mr-Coffee-Tea-Makers Get An OHI Review vs Hamilton Beach, Breville, & Cuisinart
Are Mr-Coffee-Tea-Makers right for you? See our comparative review of the Iced-Tea-Pot-By-Mr-Coffee before you buy

Sloggers-Shoes Are The Top Pick For Outdoor Women's Shoes This Year--Save Now
Get the Sloggers-Shoes & Sloggers Boots best prices. See the features of these shoes for rain and what other women saying about their boots

Two-Dog-Doghouse, A Big-Dog House & Great For Two Dogs, Ducks, Chickens & Geese
Need a two-dog-doghouse? This dog-house-for-two looks great, has a raised bed, ventilation, and is easy to assemble

Our-Home-Improvements Affiliate-Disclosure
Be safe on the web and see our full affiliate-disclosure here and know you're dealing with a trustworthy site

Color-Trends-2014--The High-Potential Interior Color Palette for 2014
Color-trends-2014 gives you the top twelve interior color palettes for wall-painting-ideas, living-room-color-ideas, and other room-color-ideas

OHI Reviews 8000-BTU-Air-Conditioners, This Time It's The Frigidaire FRA086AT7
Looking for 8000-BTU-air-conditioners? Don't miss OHI's review of the Frigidaire-8000-btu-window-air-conditioner

Frigidaire Window-Air-Unit FRA054XT7 Gets An Our Home Improvements Review
Is the window-air-unit Frigidaire FRA054XT7 right for you? See our reviews-of-window-air-conditioners

Panasonic Lumix 16.1-Megapixel Camera, Sharp Top Quality Pics, Affordable Price
Lumix DMC-FH25K incorporates revolutionary technology to make you look like a pro photographer

HSI Tourmaline-Ceramic Flat-Iron Hair Straightener, Have Amazing Hair Every Day
The HSI tourmaline-ceramic flat-iron boosts your confidence. No more bad hair days for you

Icade-iPad, The ION-iCade Cabinet for Ipad, A Timeless Classic Revisited
The iCade-iPad is excellent hardware, great retro design for your iPad-arcade experience

Appliances-Electronics Can Be Energy Savers Too!
Appliances-Electronics Consume About 20% of your energy bill. Be smart when you replace them and save $.

Light-Bulbs That Save You Money--The Choice to Save is Yours
Need new light-bulbs that SAVE YOU $ AND meet the new energy standards that take effect from 2012-2014? See how we used CFLs and LEDs to Save $

Do-It-Yourself Energy-AssessmentYour First Step to Saving The Green
Conduct this do-it-yourself energy-assessment and learn how to save on your energy costs.

Energy-Efficiency-Techniques, How to Build Them in In Your Home Improvements
Using these energy-efficiency-techniques in your home-improvements? Warning: You can save money 24/7/365, if you do

Home-Office-Improvements Project-The Ultimate Home Office
Home-Office-Improvements in our Home Office are way overdue and presents us with several design, mechanical and improvement challenges.

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