General Anakin Skywalker--You'll Love The Familiar "Woooooom" Sound Effect!

Gifts For Boys #5


The Anakin Skywalker Ultimate-FX-Lightsaber is the right device for kids who want to recreate the epic battles from the worldwide famous Star Wars series.

Kids love role playing and they always like impersonating movie heroes they best identify with.

Anakin Skywalker aroused the imagination of kids since the releasing of the prequel trilogy and now children can lead the galactic battle as the famous general.

Features & Advantages

The saber measures approximately 33 inches in length. It has a light tube for blade and a detailed plastic hilt. The package includes batteries for several hours of playing.

With the Anakin Skywalker Ultimate FX Lightsaber, everything is about lights and sounds, to create the atmosphere specific to a SF fighting scene.

It has a glowing blade which radiates during the battle with light tones of blue.

For a more realistic atmosphere, it has battle clash light signals and sounds. Motion sensors control the sound effects to be as swift and prompt as possible.

And the best of all, this FX saber from Hasbro features the famous humming sound when being activated.

This model of Star Wars saber is not a static, showcase object. It is dynamic, fun to play with and suited for games with other kids.

Boy Demonstrates the FX-Lightsaber

Customer Reviews

Owners are generally satisfied with this saber. They love the 1:1 ratio and some say that previous versions of it were made of metal, being harder and difficult to swing around.

They agree that it is great to play with it, dueling with your friends.
One customer nostalgically remembers having a lightsaber 25 years ago which was a mere flashlight with a green film covering the bulb.

And he said that if even that one was awesome for him as a child, this one is surely perfect for his kids.

Another feature they all like is the price, since the Anakin Skywalker Ultimate FX Lightsaber is one of the most affordable Star Wars replica sabers available. It is not a museum quality replica, it is a toy for kids to have fun with.

Ultimate-FX Lightsaber by Hasbro
Star Wars Ultimate Anakin FX Lightsaber
Star Wars Ultimate Anakin FX Lightsaber


Millions of children around the word have dreamed of owning a real lightsaber, and, similar toys have been released, but Anakin Skywalker Ultimate-FX-Lightsaber is as close as you can get!

Owners also insist that it has the perfect balance between the blade and the hilt.

Great Fun All Around For Boys & Girls

For More Reviews and The Best Price


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Gifts For Boys #5

The General Anakin Skywalker Ultimate-FX-Lightsaber made our Top Ten Gifts For Boys this year and achieved spot number FIVE! Don't miss out on the other nine contenders this year. You can check them all out in the PDF that appears below. To see it in full screen mode, just click on the icon in the lower right hand corner.

May The Force Be With YOU!

Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Boys 2012

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